Hello, I am J. Adams..

I was officially introduced to photography in the winter of my freshman year of high school. My father was the family historian and quite the novice with his camera. When it was time to leave for Normandy, he sent me with his prize possession (his Minolta) and detailed instructions. I was told how to care for, protect and produce images.

My time in Europe was so impressionable, that I spent more time shooting than I did perfecting my french.

Upon my return to the States, my father took me along with 7 rolls of Kodak gold film to the developers to make prints.

We couldn't believe our eyes! The images looked like postcards, and a 14 year old J Adams love of photography was born.

I continued to do photography as a hobby for years. I didn't purchase my first professional camera until 2001. I have an extensive background in customer service , retail and logistics. I was laid off from my corporate job in the fall of 2003. I had just purchased a house, a car and was expecting my second child. I had been with this company for five years and thought it was secure. The following day, I flew out to the Bahamas and sat on the beach to write out my business plan. When I returned to Ohio, I took my severance package and invested in new equipment , upgraded my camera and set up my LLC. I took business courses, and workshops to polish my presentation.

I promised myself I would never lay myself off.

I have done pretty much all there is to do with photography over the last 2 decades. I've been published, had galleries, studios, presented a TEDX talk and traveled internationally with this gift.

I am thankful for the opportunity to show people how beautiful they truly are using the medium of photography. I specialize in portraits, however, I am very confident in my ability to capture weddings and any corporate needs. I am extremely versatile and up to the challenge, I am available to travel and I look forward to creating with you soon.

"'The subject matter is so much more important than the photographer"

—Gordon Parks